Student Hands with Saplings

In Sustainability at Bridgetown High School, we try and cover a large range of issues that relate to sustainable life choices. Our goal is to equip students with enough information to start making informed choices about their actions. One of the main activities we undertake is the development and management of our vegetable garden, fruit trees and chickens in the Sustainability garden.

School Gardens

Each term we also undertake a recycled art/craft activity such as recycled bottle cap craft and making papier-mâché boats.

In Year 7 we focus on; sustainability in the home, food production, management of native animal species through the Western Shield program and alternative energy production.

In Year 8 we focus on building the vegetable garden, which may include garden beds, bee hotels or garden art. The students also look at waste in clothing use and production, population size, sustainable fishing and Biosecurity.

In Years 9 and 10 if enough students choose Sustainability as an elective subject, students design their own program of work based on their personal interests in Sustainability.

As part of our community focus we also ask interested students to be involved in Clean Up Australia Day and frequently help revegetate local areas by planting native shrubs and trees. We also have special guests visit the school and share their skills; for example local wildlife carers; and local or Perth based experts in their field, including Biosecurity.