Compulsory Attendance

All children must attend school up until they are 16 years old. Sixteen and 17 year olds must be enrolled in school or a training organisation, be employed or be in a combination of school/training/employment.

Absences from School

All absences must be explained by a phone call or note from a parent / guardian. We recommend you download the school app to allow easy absentee notification. Click here for instructions on how to download the app.

Installing the SZapp

Explanation notes are to be handed in to the School Office upon return to school. Absences not covered by a note of explanation are referred to the South West Education Regional Office. Doctors’ certificates are required for students who have long absences.

Late Arrival

Students must report to the School Office and explain the reason for being late so that they are not marked as absent. A late note will be provided for the student to pass on to the teacher for that period.

SMS Messages

If a student is absent without explanation, an automatic SMS message is sent to parents each day. Parents can reply directly to the message and provide a reason for the absence.

Students Leaving the School Grounds

Leave Passes are required by law for any student leaving the school grounds for any reason. Therefore, students are NOT permitted to leave school during break times to purchase food. If, in exceptional circumstances, a student needs to leave the school grounds, a note must be supplied by the parent / guardian with a legitimate reason provided. A Leave Pass will then be issued by the School Office.