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Bridgetown High School has been given a helping hand in more ways than one with a generous donation by former students.

Following years of fundraising through corporate golf days, raffles and the annual scholarship classic, the Bridgetown High School Alumni Association has donated $10,000 to bolster the school’s new Building Fund which will assist in securing the High School’s infrastructure needs.


“We’re thrilled to receive this generous donation from our former students, which has helped boost the building fund for ongoing improvements and maintenance of the School.” The fund will allow for completion of the new undercover sports centre that’s been constructed on the old tennis courts, and will also include extra storage space attached to the building. Having an all-weather area means Bridgetown’s students will now have access to more activities, such as volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer and cricket, as well as a new space for assemblies.

However, the building fund will result in more than ongoing improvements and facilities. After registering the fund with the Federal Government, all donations made by the community are tax deductable.

“It’s no secret that maintaining a School’s infrastructure can be a costly business, and as former students, we wanted to help ensure Bridgetown High School continued to be a great place to get an education.” Alumni Chair Scott Robinson said. “The Bridgetown Alumni began as a way for former students to give something back to the school, to see it continue to grow and develop for the betterment of the community. While it was great to be able to contribute by way of a donation, setting up the Building Fund will hopefully offer a long-term advantage and encourage the community to help the school in whatever way they can.”

"The staff do a great job, but there’s still some work to do to help support the students of Bridgetown High School.” Robinson said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the sports centre finished and would encourage everyone in the community to help make that a reality.”

The sports equipment storage shed is expected to be completed in the following months, prior to our 70th year celebrations in September 2024.

About Bridgetown High School

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Founded in 1954, Bridgetown High School is a comprehensive mixed-sex public middle school with 180 students from Years 7-10. In addition to the core subjects of Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Bridgetown High school offers programs in Emergency Services Cadets, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Photography and Visual Arts.

The school's core values are: we aim to seek the best from ourselves and others, and look for the best in people, while working to help all achieve the best they can.

About Bridgetown High School Alumni Association

Established in 2004 to provide a way for ex-students to give back to the School, the Alumni is now a vital part of Bridgetown High School's culture and has been responsible for scholarships and the construction of the Drama room.

The Alumni look at different ways to assist the High School, however, fundraising remains a big focus for the group. For more information about the Alumni, visit:

The Scholarship Classic

Each year, scholarships are presented to two Year 7 students: an Environmental Science Scholarship and a Music Scholarship. Winning students are provided $500 each year from Years 8-10 to help with a range of educational costs, such as uniforms, supplies and so forth.

Each year, the Alumni invite local businesses to participate in the Scholarship Classic to receive naming rights for the scholarship. Businesses pay $60 to participate, with the winning business drawn at the annual Bridgetown Agricultural Show.

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Corporate Golf Day

Ambrose Golf Day Group ShotBridgetown Golf Club

Held annually in April, businesses from all across the South West region and Perth are invited to participate in a golf day at Bridgetown Golf Club. Single tickets and Teams of 4 are available, with both 9 and 18 holes on offer. The day is full of fun, laughter and golf, with refreshments and prizes also included.

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